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Frontrunner Music Publishing was formed during 2016 to build a small but strong roster of internationally established songwriters and producers. The company will also work with administration, pitching and creative advisory, for songwriters with their own publishing companies.

Thomas Wallén (Owner/A&R) has during over 20 years worked as A&R with songwriters like Andreas Stone Johansson, Anderz Wrethov, Alexander Holmgren, Anders Grahn, Daniel Gildenlow, Erik Lidbom, Kanata Okajima etc whose combined songs has sold well over 50 million copies for national and international artists such as Molly Sandén (SE), Måns Zelmerlöw (SE), Hasse Andersson (SE), Carlito (SE), Arashi (JP), Kat Tun (JP), Exile (JP), Shinee (KOR), EXO (KOR), Sweet California (SP), All4One (US), Hayley Kyoko (US), Moya (UK), Rebecca Ferguson (UK) m fl.

Thomas started his career as a musician and songwriter but in ’94 he started working as an A&R at RoastingHouse in Malmo, Sweden on a freelance basis and started out working with rock and metal bands as this was the profile of the company. Band such as Pain of Salvation (Daniel Gildenlow), Majestic, Captor etc was some of the bands he worked with during the 90’ies and early 2000. Also the band Subculture whose singer and songwriter was a young Nadir Khayat (Red One). By 2001 the first steps on the publishing side was made towards pop music by the signing of their first exclusive songwriter, Anderz Wrethov. Shortly after that, they got their first hit with a domestic release through Universal with the young pop artist Sofie, and then the publishing roster started to grow. We started a collaboration with Japanese and South Korean publishing companies who just recently started looking for international songwriters and producers, to start working with their most successful domestic boybands like Arashi, Kat Tun and TVXQ and that’s when the publishing really hit it off and we were one of the pioneers in the phenomena that today is well established.

-“Nowdays it’s very common that western songwriters and producers work within J-pop and K-pop, and to be one of the chosen few pioneers of such a phenomena within the publishing community I am extremely proud of.”. 


- Thomas Wallén

Thomas Wallén


Frontrunner exclusive sub publishers:

Japan - Soundgraphics

South East Asia - Music Cube Inc 

Germany /Austria /Switzerland - Roba Music Publishing

Australia - 120 Publishing

Benelux - CTM Music