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David Fremberg (SE)

Writer / Producer

Frontrunner Music Publishing, studio at HYDRA, Malmö

Starting his career as a professional musician in several rock bands as a guitarist and singer but also solid educated at Malmö Music Academy and can play most basic instruments. David always wrote songs in his bands but started his career as a songwriter and producer about 10 years ago.  One of his biggest skill is his diversity and his fearless approach in songwriting, and his credits can be seen with acts like Marco Mengoni (IT), Arashi (JP), Sanne Solomonsen (DK), Sauruxet (FI), Andromeda (SE), Kat Tun (JP), J-Min (KOR), ABC-Z (JP) etc

Matt Wong (US)

Writer / Producer

Frontrunner Music Publishing, studio in Los Angeles

Matt is based in Los Angeles and working as a full time singer, songwriter and producer and his biggest client is Disney Company. His soulful voice and beautiful melodies with great lyrics are well known. Matt has cuts with Le Youth (US), Ross Lynch (US), All 4 One (US), Girls Generation TTS (KOR), Shinee (KOR), Rebeat (SE), The Descendants 2 Movie Soundtrack (US) etc




Andreas Stone Johansson (SE)

Writer / Producer

Andreas Stone Music (Frontrunner), studio at HYDRA. Malmö

Andreas is a well established songwriter / producer with over 20 million in sales worldwide. In 2016 he started his own Publishing company Andreas Stone Music and established HYDRA, a studio complex in the very center of Malmö together with his writer friends Denniz and David. He has releases with All 4One (US), Arash (SE), EXO (KOR), Arashi (JP), Kat Tun (JP), Sweet California (SP), Alice Svensson (SE), Samir & Viktor (SE), Sanne Salomonsen (DK), Super Junior (KOR) etc. Click for more info

Andreas Stone Music writers:

-Andreas Stone Johansson

-Joakim Dalqvist

-Robin Andersson

-Daniel Leon

Anderz Wrethov (SE)

Writer / Producer

Wrethov Music (Frontrunner), studio in Vellinge

Anderz Wrethov is a multi-platinum producer/songwriter/artist from Sweden and he has worked with International and Swedish artists like Margaret (PL), Eleni Foureira (Cy), Hasse Andersson (SE), Samir & Viktor (SE), David Lindgren (SE), Mohombi (SE), Arash (SE), Medina (SE), Panetoz (SE), Ellen Benediction (SE), Eagle-Eye Cherry (SE), Gunther and the Sunshine Girls (SE), Bobby Farrell from Boney M and many more. Wrethov has also worked with Asian superstars like Super Junior, Kat-Tun, Arashi, Tegomass, News, KARA, ABC-Z and many more. Click for more info

Jon Hällgren (SE)

Writer / Producer

Line Out Sweden Publishing (Frontrunner), studio in Uppsala

He started his career as a member of the  Euro pop act Sonic Dream Collective  which had several big hits in the 90-ies, but he also wrote music to a number of other artists and bands during that era. Jon has since then started his own business working with music for movies and radio commercials and at the same time continued to write for other artists as a producer and songwriter. Jon has several notable cuts in Asia with acts like Girls Generation (KOR), Arashi (JP), E.Girls (KOR), Kat Tun (JP), Shinee (KOR) , Namie Amuro (JP), but also European acts like Nate Simpson (UK), Renaida (SE) etc

Denniz Jamm (SE)

Producer / Writer

Supplemental (Frontrunner), studio at HYDRA, Malmö

Denniz Jamm is a Music producer and songwriter from Sweden who is currently working on rapidly expanding his discography. He is mostly known for his groovy house beats but you can also expect hearing Trap, hip-hop and moombahton bass drums. Denniz music has been supported by Dj Tiesto, Hardwell (REVEALED), Thomas Gold, Nicky Romero (PROTOCOL) and more. Denniz beats are perfect for staying current in todays pop music where the beats and/or a perfect drop is as important as an amazing melody and lyrics performed by the artist. Click for more info

Supplemental writers:

-Denniz Jamm

-Costa Leon

Caroline Gustavsson (SE)

Writer / Topliner

Minda Songs (Frontrunner) vocal studio in Stockholm


Caroline is a gold and platinum awarded songwriter/singer/vocal producer from Stockholm, Sweden. Her musical journey started out at an early age, writing songs, singing and playing guitar. Later on she started to perform in different constellations under the artist name ”Minda”. In the beginning of 2011 she began writing songs professionally, with main focus in writing for other artists and projects. Since then she's been working with songwriters and producers from all around the world and in 2016 she started her own publishing company, Minda Songs. Releases include: ARASHI (JPN) BoA (JPN) SHINee (JPN/KOR) Seoyhun & Yuri (KOR) KAT-TUN (JPN) Exile the second (JPN) Flower (JPN) Happiness (JPN) Sweet California (SP), Keana Texeira (US) and Top6 (CA) etc




Charlie Tenku (UK) - Producer / Writer

Melanie Wehbe (SE), Writer / Topliner

The 91 West (US) - Producer / Writer team

Barbi Escobar (SE) - Writer / Topliner